McCoy Will Not Seek Re-election

This now sets up the fun part for political junkies. For Republicans, the quest for the Speaker’s office is certainly not set with just one announced Republican at this point, but this doesn’t alter things within the caucus that much. It is within the Democratic caucus that things will get interesting. Rep. Bobby Moak has long been regarded as the top alternative to McCoy should McCoy retire. I don’t think the Democratic choice will go as smooth as that however. The Black Caucus, which now makes up more than half the Democratic House members, will likely very well want a Caucus member in the race. And if they voted as a bloc, they would have the votes.

Now, for perceptions. McCoy’s announcement was the one everyone was waiting on, but it came just a week after another long time legislator, Speaker Pro Temp J.P. Compretta, decided to hang it up. This all comes as Republicans are looking to make their strongest push yet for the Speaker’s office. You can certainly paint the narrative that things are looking very good for Republicans based on these recent events. After all, McCoy said health wasn’t an issue and that his energy and interest was “as fervent as ever.”

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