Palazzo Hits Taylor On Oil Spill

The Steven Palazzo campaign is hitting Rep. Gene Taylor on his initial reaction to the Gulf Coast oil spill. Palazzo said, “While hovering over miles of crude oil making its way to Mississippi’s coastline, Rep. Gene Taylor concluded the damage caused by the BP oil rig explosion wasn’t ‘Armageddon,’” saying this calls his judgment into question.

Palazzo also said: “It appears that he has turned a deaf ear to the fears and complaints. As the oil approaches, we do not have a strong leader in Washington to defend our coastal communities and economy. This is a disaster, and Congressman Taylor should be treating it as such…I am sick of Washington bureaucrats dithering while Mississippi’s coastline is threatened. Sadly, President Obama and Rep. Taylor aren’t doing everything they can to protect and stop the oil spill that will devastate our ecosystem and the livelihood of thousands of Mississippian families.”

Majority in Miss.