Majority in MS is reporting that Arnie Hederman will succeed Brad White as MS GOP Chairman.

Majority also gives some background on Hederman.

Hederman directed grassroots and “nuts and bolts” projects for former Mississippi Republican Chairman and former Republican National Committee co-chairman, the late Evelyn McPhail. While at the RNC, he lasted through Haley Barbour’s years as RNC Chairman where Hederman served as Executive Director of the Political Education and Training Division during the historic Republican takeover of Congress in 1994, educating candidates and State Parties nationwide about the effective use of grassroots organization to build support and increase voter turnout.

In Mississippi has served as Political Director of the Mississippi Republican Party, worked for numerous campaigns at the local, state and national level including serving as Republican Presidential nominee Bob Dole’s Mississippi Director in 1996.

Private sector experience includes a couple of years doing direct mail and data processing. He developed his own database technology now used by a number of Republican candidates and groups in the state for campaign finance compliance.

In 2003, Hederman served as Haley Barbour’s Deputy Campaign Manager where he managed the direct mail program and organized the statewide Get Out The Vote effort that resulted in the highest gubernatorial Republican turnout in history.

Congrats to the party and to Arnie. He’s a good guy. He’s got big shoes to fill, but commands a lot of respect in Republican circles and will do very well.