Majority – Wicker and Barbour talk oil spill w/ video

ith the oil spill and the fallout that has resulted, Mississippi’s political leaders have been out front in the media over the past couple weeks, including this weekend when Sen. Roger Wicker delivered the GOP’s weekly address and Gov. Haley Barbour appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press. The topic was the same, but Barbour and Wicker took a different approach when talking about Barack Obama and his administration’s response.

Here is what Barbour said when asked about the president’s performance:

Well, first of all, this is an unprecedented, unforeseeable, huge disaster. So, as somebody who had to go through Katrina, I understand when you–nobody’s ever done something like this before, not everything’s going to go right. And the, and the government has made some bad mistakes, they’ve done some things wrong, but as I said earlier, they’ve done more right than wrong. But until the well’s capped, until the oil’s cleaned up, till the bills are paid, everybody in America–I mean, who could say the administration’s done a great job when the well hasn’t been capped, oil, oil hasn’t been cleaned up out of the water, and we haven’t been paid. So when the American people say, “Hey, there’s a shortcoming here,” they’re just expressing the obvious.

Majority in Miss.
See Wicker video here