What’s up with the Lee County Democratic Executive Committee?

Yesterday, the Daily Journal had what I thought was a very odd story– the local Democratic Executive Committee was asking Lee County Schools Superintendent Mike Scott to resign and threatening to go public with details about an alleged affair if he didn’t quit by Friday. A Lee County Democratic official said, “He had an affair- on official business, which the county paid for.” Scott’s position is elected; he ran unopposed in 2007- as a Democrat. The local Democrats said he was casting a bad light on the party, but it still seemed odd for a political party to ask a superintendent to resign.

A new nugget came out today that a Lee county attorney will be suing Scott. That attorney- state Democratic chairman Jamie Franks. Franks alleges that Scott had an affair with his ex-wife (who is/ was also a school district employee). According to the Daily Journal, there is no district policy in place regarding relationships between subordinates.

According to Franks, the lawsuit will “lay out everything that was done.” Franks’ involvement became public after Eric Hampton, chairman of the Lee County Democratic Executive Committee, had been denying that Franks’ was pushing this. Franks’ still denies he was involved in this decision. Franks’ ex-wife, Lisa Franks, has stated that she felt very strongly her ex-husband was behind this.

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