Tegerdine Comments On Q1 Fundraising

On Monday, Mississippi Fourth Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Tegerdine held a townhall meeting in downtown Pascagoula. Tegerdine was joined by close to 40 local residents who asked the Republican candidate a variety of questions ranging from taxation to single subject legislation to his beliefs of government, business, and the economy.

Tegerdine revealed that he has not taken any PAC money to date nor does he plan to. As to his current campaign fundraising, Tegerdine noted that his recent FEC report would show that his campaign has raised approximately $35,000 at the filing date and is now pushing $50,000, all from close to 600 individual donors.

When asked how he and his Republican opponent, State Rep. Steven Palazzo, differed, Tegerdine noted his world market understanding as well as not being a political establishment candidate.

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