Who Will The NRA Endorse in MS-01?

An endorsement from the NRA in a place like MS-01 is as coveted as any a politician can receive. In 2008, Childers got the nod from the NRA as proudly displayed on his campaign website. And as Alan Nunnelee mentions on his campaign website, he has been endorsed by the NRA in all of his previous runs for office. There is no doubt Childers and Nunnelee (should he win the GOP primary) will fight hard and angle for this endorsement. From the way I see things, it will be hard for the NRA not to endorse Childers again this time around.

The NRA likes to endorse pro-gun rights Democrats in a sign of bi-partisanship, especially if they think they are going to win. How this race is shaking up in mid-October may have more to do with the endorsement between two pro-gun rights candidates than anything else.

Majority in Miss