MajorityInMiss – Could PSC Funding Have Passed If It Wasn’t For George Flaggs?

The Clarion-Ledger did a good job of slamming Rep. George Flaggs (D-Vicksburg) for what they called his self-serving attempt to delay passage of Medicaid funding. Flaggs held up the process for over two hours by demanding a reading of the 82 page bill. I am not sure what Flaggs was trying to prove, did he want to be known as the man who single handily shut down government?

However, another interesting tidbit has surfaced following the Flaggs publicity stunt, and that is the issue of funding for the Public Service Commission. As you may know, a special session will be needed to fund the department who is operating without a budget. Paul Gallo is reporting that members of the legislature are blaming Flaggs for the failure to fund the PSC. A new special session will cost an estimated $60,000. Can the taxpayers send the bill to Mr. Flaggs?

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