MS GOP Responds to Dems Decision on Brown

“I think it is outrageous that the leaders of the Mississippi Democratic Party would vote to put Ike Brown, who has been sanctioned by the Department of Justice for violating the voting rights of members of his own Party, on their state executive committee which is charged with representing all Mississippi Democrats.

“I understand that from time to time fringe elements take advantage of election laws. Democrats had no legal choice to certify Richard Barrett as a Democrat, just like local Republicans had no legal option but to certify George Lambus as a Republican. When the law requires an organization to certify candidates despite their insulting and distasteful beliefs, political parties have no choice.

“But the Democrats do have a choice on who to put on their governing executive committee. And they chose Ike Brown. Far be it from me to tell them how to run their party, but it is counterintuitive to enroll a person into leadership when he has been proven to disenfranchise their own voters.”

Majority in MS