What The New Dem. Executive Director Said Six Years Ago

I was able to locate a couple of Hall’s editorials from years back, including this one from the Natchez Democrat in 2003 titled: Dems must stop bleeding or they lose.

When talking about party switchers (mainly Amy Tuck who had just qualified for her second term as lt. gov. as a Republican), Hall had this to say about Democrats:

For one, it is clear the Democratic Party leadership in Mississippi has fallen out of touch with some of their bread-and-butter elected officials.

Check below the fold to see the rest of what Hall had to say about his fellow Democrats in 2003.

He goes on to talk about another conservative Democrat:

But the telling tale comes in the rural, middle class areas where Democrats are shedding their allegiances or just plain not running anymore. Sen. Neely Carlton, D-Cleveland, has opted not to run. The 32-year-old lawmaker is expecting her first child and said that was the motivating factor in her decision not to run…However, when talking heads were talking about the Tuck switch on the Monday following Thanksgiving, Carlton’s name was being tossed around as a possible switcher. Carlton herself is fairly conservative, and her voting record reflects such.

He also says this about former Rep. Clem Nettles, D-Jayess, who opted against a run after a couple of factors didn’t go his way:

Nettles’ decision comes as no surprise, nor is it something that people have not expected since the Legislature passed their new district lines. “When you look at the map, it looks like my party kind of hung me out to dry,” Nettles said just days after the new lines were announced last year.

Nettles had all but made up his mind at that time. He was unhappy with Democrats over their treatment of him in legislative redistricting. He grew more unhappy with them over tort reform.

He also has this critique about the Democrats and their ties with trial lawyers:

But so long as the trial lawyer lobby in Mississippi continues to control the Democratic leadership, conservative Democrats will only find allies in Republicans.

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