A Look At House Committee Assignments

All in all, I would say Democrats fared slightly better in the Senate under Tate Reeves than they did here. And it also looks like Black Caucus members did better than white Democrats. Old Yellow Dogs like Steve Holland, Johnny Stringer, Bobby Moak, Tommy Reynolds, and Bennett Malone didn’t get anything significant. But we will have to see the entire committees rosters to get the full story, though from what I could gather in trying to listen to the assignments the GOP should have the majority on all major committees.

One thing is for sure- it’s a different day. Longtime Republicans who have been sidelined for a decade or more will get what they have been working for, and get their chance to lead. I suppose Democrats won’t be happy, but what are they going to say? If Speaker Gunn did things like Billy McCoy, they wouldn’t have received what they did get, so it is a difficult argument.

Majority in MS