Mallett eager to bring SEC glory to long-suffering Razorbacks

“I felt I owed it to the state,” Mallett said of the decision to return, and it sure seemed like he meant it. What we have here is a developing tall tale.
How tall? David Bazzel, a former Arkansas linebacker who is now a Little Rock talk show host — and despite the occupation, he’s someone who’s not given to crazy hyperbole — said Mallett is “Paul Bunyan with a bazooka arm.” And the expectations for Mr. Bunyan?
“He’ll take us to the promised land,” Bazzel said.
Is that all? Right about now, you’re wondering if this might be too much pressure, whether the favorite son would benefit greatly from reduced expectations, and what he thinks of it all. Mallett keeps hearing from fans who say things like, “We’re looking for at least a 10-win season.”
He keeps telling them: “I’m looking for 14.”