Mallett’s Passing, Mississippi State’s Interceptions, Gamecocks’ Critical Stretch

Interceptions? Who cares?
I’ve never been a fan of chalking up all turnovers to luck, because there’s at least one kind of turnover that is usually based on skill: Interceptions. And man, does Mississippi State have a lot of interceptions this year. Seven, in fact, tied for last in the FBS.

Don’t be so quick to blame Chris Relf. Relf isn’t blameless, but he has three picks so far in the year, two of them in last week’s loss to LSU. Tyler Russell has the other four, including three in the game against the Bayou Bengals. The five interceptions over the weekend would rank last in the SEC on their own. Tennessee and Ole Miss have the next-highest interception total at four. Mississippi State is on pace to throw 28 interceptions this year, which would have been by far the largest number in the FBS last year.