$20m holiday home at Blue Heron Farm suits Barack Obama to a tee

No deal has yet been struck on the property, but the rental agreement being negotiated has reportedly been split into three separate leases: one to be held by the Obamas — and paid for out of their own pockets — one by the Secret Service, and a third by the White House, which will be sending a large entourage to Martha’s Vineyard to accompany the President.

The farm holds a five-bedroom white Victorian-style farmhouse and three other dwellings, including a reconstructed Pennsylvania hay barn and Vermont shed. It has ocean views, private access to a stretch of Squibnocket Beach, and a private dock with kayaks and a yacht.

Mr Obama is due to take his holiday on Martha’s Vineyard during the last week in August. Mrs Obama and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, could arrive earlier and stay with friends elsewhere on the island. Bo, the new dog, is also reportedly going.

Blue Heron Farm belongs to William and Mollie Van Devender, Republicans who bought the property for $20.35 million in 2005.

Mr Van Devender, a Mississippi timber mogul, gave the maximum financial donation allowed under election laws to John McCain in last year’s White House race, and both the Van Devenders contributed to Fred Thompson during his unsuccessful run in the Republican primary.

Times Online
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