Mandatory electronic filing for Madison County Chancery Court

Madison County Chancery Court began accepting electronic filings of court documents July 22 in the first live operation of the Mississippi Electronic Courts pilot project. The system has been tested and refined in the county for almost two years.

Mandatory electronic filing goes into effect Sept. 15 in Madison County Chancery Court for all new cases and for pleadings filed in cases commenced on or after May 15, 2008.
Project Manager Calvin Ransfer says work is expected to begin soon to adapt the e-filing system for use in Chancery Courts in Scott and Warren counties and in Circuit Court in Madison County.

Madison County Chancery Clerk Arthur Johnston said, “From my perspective as clerk of the court, the biggest benefit will be improved efficiency. (Mississippi Electronic Courts) will allow our judges much greater access to, and control over, their dockets. It gives them the ability to rule and enter judgments more quickly – and ultimately dispose of cases more timely.”