Local Businessman Announces Bid for State Senate.

Philadelphia, MS – Today, longtime local businessman and strong conservative Mark Forsman announced that he will officially enter the Republican Primary for State Senate in District 18.

“Frankly, now more than ever, with the Obama Administration abusing the ‘Executive Order’ to drive its liberal agenda, we need folks back in the states willing to stand up and fight for our freedoms. More than anything, this challenge is about protecting future generations,” said Forsman.

Forsman, owner of Yarbrough Wood Products, and his wife Kay have built their lives in this community. Their children were raised here, attended local public schools, and all three now have families of their own.

Reverend Tom Bentley, who serves as chaplain for Sta-Home Hospice in Philadelphia, and who previously served as the Forsman’s Pastor knows Mark well and offered this: “Mark is a strong conservative, whose views are rooted first and foremost in his Christian faith.”

“When I learned he was willing to run for this office I immediately told him, ‘Thank you!’ He represents the kind of integrity we have long needed. I will be praying for him to win and giving to the effort,” said Bentley.

“Mark is a well respected businessman, who understands the needs and concerns of the average citizen because he is one. He’s just like me, working every day to provide for his family. The one difference is that Mark has decided to take action to better the lives of all Mississipians, not just his own family. A vote for Mark would be a vote to support life, to defend our liberties, and to be conservative with our tax dollars,” added Leslie Nagel, a physical therapist in Philadelphia.

Dr. John Mann, a physician practicing family medicine in Philadelphia, added, “I have known Mark and his family for sixteen years and I can tell you that he’s a strong conservative with high moral views and standards. He’ll be a great State Senator.”

With the retirement of incumbent Republican Senator Giles Ward, State Senate District 18 is an open seat in 2015. The Republican Primary will take place in August. The district is comprised of Leake, Neshoba, and Winston counties.