Marshall County’s censure: the rest of the story

The Marshall County Republican Party passed a resolution criticizing Senator Thad Cochran. The cut-and-paste document based on one from South Carolina came at a convenient time for a potential Tea Party styled challenge in a primary by Chris McDaniel. Cochran has not said he would run again, but the document clearly wants Cochran to no longer be U.S. Senator as it says:

That this body takes this action and adopts this Resolution in full confidence in its own good faith, with no personal animosity or ill will to the supporters of Thad Cochran or to Thad Cochran himself, to whom this body extends its hand in friendship and warmly looks forward to his rejoining us as private citizen of the State of Mississippi.

The similar resolution against Senator Roger Wicker had no comments about him returning to the private sector because while Cochran is up for reelection next year, Wicker doesn’t have a race until 2018.

The Marshall County GOP took some shots at Cochran’s votes. But there are two sides to every story and here is the rest of the story on those votes. I can’t take credit for all this material, others have looked at these issues and provided some answers. But here is some information on the votes Marshall County criticized: