Marshand Crisler held a press conference today in front of the Metro Center Coalition Office to announce the endorsement of his candidacy by Nina Holbrook. Holbrook recently resigned from her position of interim Director of Economic Development and Planning for the city.

Holbrook cited the lack of focus on economic development, poor planning and a failed leadership for reasons why she resigned. Today she said she was supporting Crisler’s candidacy because she believed he had the right combination of experience and ability to bring development and jobs to Jackson.

“I am endorsing Marshand Crisler in the race for Mayor today because he has the leadership ability and experience to bring more good jobs to Jackson. He will being our community together and prioritize economic development, especially in the areas that need it most,” said Holbrook at the press conference.

Crisler spoke specifically about his plan to court and keep new businesses in Jackson and how that would translate into more jobs for the city. Crisler believes paving the streets and improving other aspects of the city’s infrastructure as well as reducing crime are how we begin to attract new business.

“If you build it, they will come. As Mayor, I will focus on building a cleaner, safer, more attractive Jackson. We will help the businesses that are already here thrive, and prioritize programs which help small business owners”, stated Crisler at the press conference.

Councilman Marshand Crisler has been married to his wife of 22-years, Charlotte. The couple have three children, Rashaad, Dominique, and Marshea. Marshand and his family belong to the New Jerusalem Church Congregation and live in South Jackson.

Marshand Crisler Press Release