Marshand Crisler held a press conference today in front of the Eudora Welty Library to discuss his plan to increase mentoring and youth-focused programs in Jackson. Crisler said he would open the doors of the library, now closed for more than nine months, within ten days of taking office as Mayor.

“We can’t afford to go backwards and we can’t afford to loose an entire generation of our young people to crime and drugs and a culture of greed and moral decay”, said Crisler. “I pledge we will not turn our back on our young people. Not on my watch.”

Crisler spoke specifically about his work as a two-term Councilman to secure funding for after school and mentoring programs like the Boys and Girls Club. Crisler also spoke about his personal moral commitment to lead by example and his work to implement “real programs to show our youth a better way in a better Jackson”.

“The fabric of the family is being weakened and I believe that healthy communities are built on healthy families”, stated Crisler at the press conference.

“As Mayor, I will work with our business community, and our faith-based community to help create programs and activities to give our young people better role models and an alternative to the streets”, he continued, “As your Mayor, I will work with experts to strengthen our school system. We must pay our teachers a fair wage, and do more to recruit and retain quality educators and take the politics out of school board appointments.”

Marshand Crisler Press Release