Masoli move latest proof Houston Nutt is a certifiably dirty coach

College football fans love to toss around the word “dirty.” Pete Carroll was “dirty,” they’ll tell you, because one of his former stars took a bunch of money. Urban Meyer must be “dirty” because so many of his players get arrested. Lane Kiffin is presumably “dirty” because … well, duh.
The definition of “dirty” seems to vary based on one’s affiliation, but surely we can all agree on at least one designation: A dirty coach is willing to eschew his integrity if doing so might pay off in a couple more W’s. He’s not so much a winner as a survivalist. He’s not even necessarily a rule-breaker because he creates his own loopholes.

Which is why Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt — more so than any of the aforementioned names — is a certifiably dirty coach.