This today from the Mississippi Press…


During a budget workshop Wednesday night, the Board of Aldermen was asked to consider raising the city’s 19.05 millage rate to 20.05 in order to better balance next year’s financial plan…

…Aldermen also learned Wednesday night that the city has a January deadline to repay the county $274,000 in overpaid bridge and road funding.

Ferguson said monthly payments from the county accumulated an overage during the fiscal year that began Oct. 1, 2010.

Mayor Connie Moran described the overage as “simple, human error” that happened in the tax collector’s office.

“And, we thought there was something wrong,” Moran said. “Shelly (Ferguson) even called (the county) and asked. They told us it was correct.”

Moran said the Jackson County Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to allow the city to repay the funds by the first part of next year.

“It will come out of our taxes in January,” Moran said. 

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