Mayoral candidate wants to meet with Pickering to explain his side of MDMR trips

Jackson County Supervisor John McKay says the deep-sea fishing trips he took in 2012 with the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources are now an issue in his race for mayor of Ocean Springs.

McKay, a Republican, tells The Sun Herald ( that he wants to talk to State Auditor Stacey Pickering about the trips.

The fishing trips surfaced during an investigation of spending by the marine resources agency. McKay and various other public officials took trips on the MDMR boats.

“We didn’t know that it was so-called taxpayer money that we were spending,” McKay said. “We thought it was foundation money or whatever. We were told that was the purpose of the boat.”

McKay’s opponent, Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran, a Democrat, referred calls on political strategy in the race to political consultant Reed Guice, who works for her campaign.