Bond money to move Marty Stuart museum forward

The museum ostensibly would serve as a permanent home for the collection, and would be East Mississippi’s answer to Sunflower County’s B.B. King Museum, said Sid Salter, Mississippi State spokesperson who serves on the museum’s board of directors.

“The intent of the Legislature was to see the local folks get some fundraising done, organization done, and then to put up some money to bolster that and to step up behind it,” Salter said in an interview this week. “What I’ve heard out of legislators is that the Legislature wanted to partner on this, but they had to see some movement locally, and I think toward the end of the session, they felt like Marty Stuart himself had personally stepped up on this. There’s still a lot of work to be done all around, but this is an excellent first step toward getting this done. You’ve got a lot of folks kind of at the table in Neshoba County.”

That includes former Ole Miss chancellor Robert Khayat and Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Chief Phyllis Anderson, both of whom Salter singled out as having taken an active role in the private efforts to move the museum forward.