Green always take precedence over red and blue politics

Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

When Terry McAuliffe, BFF of The Clintons, decided to burnish his business reputation as preparation for a run at the governor’s office in Virginia, he went to none other than our own Gov. Haley Barbour. According to the latest political gossip release, This Town, Barbour, Clinton (the former Prez) and McAuliffe, hooted it up backstage at the ribbon cutting in Horn Lake for GreenTech Automotive in July, 2012.

McAuliffe bought the company from the Chinese, rebranded it, and brought it to Mississippi with the backing of Mississippi taxpayers. With a little help from his friends, McAuliffe secured $5 million in taxpayer subsidized loans, among other things. Of course, the promise was jobs, jobs, jobs. 5000 of them, in fact. Today, 78 people work in the plant.

Nancy Anderson, MBJ contributing columnist