The Mississippi Business Journal is reporting that MDOT Executive Director Butch Brown is at it again. In a letter obtained by MBJ from Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez, Brown was sharply rebuked by Mendez for Brown’s inappropriate and offensive remarks at an AASHTO meeting on the coast.

“Your remarks as a public official were highly offensive, inappropriate and unprofessional. Your behavior was shameful and brings discredit to your department (the Mississippi Department of Transportation), the citizens of the great State of Mississippi and your peers at AASHTO.”

But for the MBJ, this hasn’t been reported in the main stream Mississippi media. It will be interesting to see if they will be.

Another curious footnote from the MBJ . . . the incident occurred on the evening of MDOT Commissioner Bill Minor’s passing.

In an update, there was apparently some back and forth and Wayne Brown who witnessed the incident helped defend Butch Brown . . . a little.

According to the MBJ, Butch Brown

had some less than flattering remarks about Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and LaHood’s obsession with high-speed rail transit, an obsession that has irked Brown and transportation officials in other rural states, where high-speed rail is neither needed nor in demand.

“Butch expressed his frustration with that,” Wayne Brown said.

Wayne Brown could not remember exactly what Butch Brown said that drew Mendez’ ire, but did say there was a profanity involved that “rhymes with AASHTO.”

How long will this go on?