DAVID DALLAS — Roger Wicker: Profile in discouragement

“Scientific research is advanced,” Wicker hypothesizes, “by asking questions and allowing for multiple viewpoints. With so much at stake –- our economy, our livelihoods, and our environment –- we should be tolerant of differences of opinion.”

A call for tolerance? There are some in this country who seek tolerance for immigrants who wish to live in this country legally. Others seek tolerance for homosexuals couples who want marriage rights and equal protection under the law. Still others seek tolerance for poor families seeking paid leave time to care of sick children, women who want equal pay for equal work, etc., etc.. Of course, Wicker and his ilk are on record as being proudly intolerant in these areas.

Yet, Wicker seeks tolerance for those who believe humans are incapable of destroying their atmosphere and environment and who take, as gospel, a petition created by a fossil fuel researcher and signed by Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Baby, and Scary Spice.

Wicker is correct: the Climate Change vote was a political show vote, which is exactly why Wicker is confident his “no” vote won’t come back to bite him. All votes are political show. Legislators either “show off” for those who elect them or they “show out” for the special interest groups that have them in their back pocket. Fortunately for Wicker, his “no” vote does both.