‘Anti-business’ is usually a scare tactic by label

Presley has stated on many occasions that he isn’t necessarily against the plant, he’s against the people of South Mississippi being on the hook for that kind of money for a plant which has technology that owners can’t guaranty will work.
Yet, because he has a view that is contrary to building a multi-billion-dollar plant that will employ about 150 or so people, he has been labeled as an anti-business politician.
Presley points out that when this plant is built, rates will go up by at least 33 percent, but it could be more.
That, he contends, will make it harder for small business people to pay their electricity bills, therefore passing along the rate hike to their customers who already are paying a rate hike at home for the new coal plant.
And isn’t this country built on the backs of the small businessman?
Yeah, there are always two sides of the story, and this column really isn’t to slam the coal plant.
It’s about labels.
And Presley isn’t anti-business for voting the way he did. He is looking out for a part of the Mississippi business community that isn’t getting attention from a different side.

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