THE MBJ VIEW: Saving downtown Jackson and big dollars to boot

State Sen. David Blount wants the state to initiate a phased-in consolidation of much of the state’s far flung agency offices into the Capitol Complex, which is essentially downtown Jackson. His proposals should not be a tough sell for elected policy-setters who start each legislative session with a call to do more with less. But be assured it’s much easier for legislators to talk about efficient spending than to actually do it.

In this instance, the best hope for the office consolidation bills to receive thorough consideration is for leaders at the Capitol to drop the provincialism that has killed fiscally sound ideas in the past.

To support his bills, Blount produced an analysis from Millsaps College’s Else School of Management that shows consolidating more than 400,000 square feet of state offices that are scattered around the tri-county area into the Capitol Complex would save the state $5 million a year. Another $30 million could be saved over two decades through another key part of Sen. Blount’s plan.

MBJ Editorial