Hundreds attend immigration law meeting

A parking lot on Madison’s Main Street filled quickly with cars decked out with bumper stickers and tags boasting patriotism and politics.

The crowd of about 200 inside the Madison Square Center for the Arts rallied on Monday in support of conservative speakers urging a crackdown on illegal immigration. Sponsored by the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement and the Mississippi Tea Party, the gathering drew supporters from Madison, Hinds, Rankin, Copiah counties and more to hear Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and others push the case for a Mississippi law based on the current Arizona immigration law gathering national attention.

Bryant said those who cross the borders illegally come in violation of federal laws and costing Mississippi taxpayers. The illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans, he said.

“Twenty-five million dollars of your tax are going to support illegal immigration,” said Bryant, citing a report done in 2006 when he was state auditor.

MC Herald