McCain criticizes Obama on national security

Republican John McCain on Monday dismissed Democratic rival Barack Obama as having zero national security experience.

“Senator Obama wants to sit down with an Iranian leader who is dedicated to wiping Israel off the map – his words,” McCain told reporters on his campaign bus. “I don’t think we should give him that kind of prestige. Senator Obama obviously has no national security experience, and therefore that’s reflected in his judgment on a number of those issues.”

McCain was referring to Obama’s comments last year that he would be willing to meet with leaders of rogue nations, such as Iran, North Korea and Cuba without conditions, an idea labeled naive and irresponsible by both McCain and Clinton.

Obama last month criticized former President Carter for meeting with leaders of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, saying, “We must not negotiate with a terrorist group intent on Israel’s destruction.”

Yet Obama also said he’s willing to make diplomatic overtures to Iran even though it has funded Hamas and other militant groups.