Dickie Scruggs, the secretive Rendon Group and mysteries galore

Here’s a mystery with an all-star cast, though the ending has yet to be written.

Dickie Scruggs was once one of the nation’s most prominent trial attorneys, now serving a prison sentence for bribery. The Rendon Group is a public relations firm, or something, that’s reportedly worked closely with the Pentagon and CIA.

As spelled out in a new opinion by U.S. Magistrate Judge John Facciola, Scruggs and other lawyers evidently hired The Rendon Group “to create a favorable public atmosphere” in support of lawsuits being brought against State Farm for handling of Hurricane Katrina claims.

Previously, The Rendon Group did things like “create a favorable public atmosphere” for U.S. military incursions in Iraq and elsewhere.

Helping Scruggs were the Rigsby sisters. Then, Judge Facciola noted:

“The atmosphere became a lot less favorable to the Rigsbys and the law firms when an Alabama court was convinced that the Rigsby sisters had illegally taken from State Farm the documents upon which the law firms were predicating their claims against State Farm. Additionally, there was an apparent public disclosure that the Rigsby sisters had accepted a large amount of money from Scruggs for their services as plaintiffs.”

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