McCoy or Suh? Suh or McCoy?

INDIANAPOLIS — This much we know for sure: When it comes to media interviews at the NFL scouting combine, Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy won a decisive victory over Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh over the weekend.

Now, Suh wasn’t bad. He came across as sincere, intense, but still able to laugh at himself a little bit — like when he was talking about his soccer exploits growing up in Portland, Ore. Suh strikes you as the type who’ll look you in the eye and make no excuses.

As for McCoy, well, he took it to another level. Smooth yet sincere. Funny. Engaging. Good storyteller. Confident. Or was it borderline cocky? Endorsement-caliber smile. Totally at ease with the media. He was this year’s Aaron Curry — the best interview at the combine.