McCoy’s injury leaves cloud over ‘Bama’s win


Alabama won the national title, and it doesn’t have to apologize to anyone.

It’s not the Tide’s fault that Texas didn’t adequately prepare its backup quarterback, have more of a running game, or put all its eggs in the Colt McCoy basket. It’s not the Tide’s fault it knocked out McCoy, Mack Brown brain-cramped more than a few times, allowing ‘Bama its Jack Squirek moment at the end of the first half, or that it did what it had to do to make the game uglier than it probably should’ve been.

Yes, Alabama won the national title, and it doesn’t have to apologize to anyone.

Yeahhhhhh, but …

It’s not fair to assume that Texas wins this game if McCoy doesn’t get hurt, but it’s going to be hard to ever think about this national title game without thinking about McCoy and how Texas was hamstrung. Alabama certainly would’ve kept up the intensity for as long as it would’ve needed to, and it’s up to Texas to have the backups prepared, and have the rest of the team be ready to pick up the slack if the unthinkable happens, but this just sucks.

It’s not fair that anyone should have even a shadow of doubt in their minds about how the BCS Championship turned out, it’s not fair that the Tide had to win this way, and it’s mostly not fair to McCoy, one of the genuinely classiest players in the COLLEGE FOOTBALL world, to not get a chance to show what he could do in the biggest moment of his life.

This was cruel, and this was unfair. McCoy could’ve taken Texas to a Big 12 title game early in his career, but he got hurt against Kansas State trying to get into the end zone and the team never recovered. He could’ve taken the Longhorns to a conference title and the BCS Championship against Florida, but the Big 12 South tie-breaker rules screwed them over. And now this.