McCullough again calls on Mayor Greg Davis to release his Mayoral Campaign Finance Reports

Tupelo, MS – Republican Congressional Candidate Glenn McCullough again formally calls on Mayor Greg Davis to make public his 2007 and 2008 mayoral campaign finance reports and records. Mayor Davis has denied repeated requests to obtain a copy of this record. Mississippi Code § 25-61-5 governs public access to records.

According to McCullough’s campaign manager, Brad Davis (no relation to the Mayor), “The Mayor continues to block access to this public information. We again call on him to release these documents to the public immediately. Mr. McCullough has made it clear to his staff that his finance reports (both federal and state) are to be made available to anyone who makes a request, and Mayor Davis should do the same.”

Davis (no relation) continued, “This is not a campaign matter. It is a municipal matter in which Mayor Davis’s campaign staff has no official role. These are public records that belong to the public. The Mayor does not control these documents; the City of Southaven controls these documents. Any citizen who wants to view these documents has a right to view and obtain a copy.”

“Any citizen can view campaign finance reports from a governor, a federal legislator, or the President of the United States in a matter of minutes. Yet the mayor of Southaven’s report is hidden from public view,” said Davis.

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