Greg Davis’ all-negative campaign has released yet another false ad trying to smear Glenn McCullough’s character. In the runoff campaign, Davis has yet to air a single positive commercial on radio or television. Now, he’s taken Glenn’s strong position against illegal immigration and turned it inside out.

McCullough has made his position on illegal immigration clear throughout this campaign. He opposes amnesty, supports tough border security, and believes we should uphold the rule of law.

Here’s what Greg Davis’ new mud-bomb smear commercial says:

“He’s soft on illegal aliens and hard on us.” Davis Ad, WREG, Mar.
25, 2008

Here’s what the actual quote from Glenn McCullough that Davis cites

Additionally, McCullough shared his thoughts on dealing with illegal immigrants. “We need to secure the borders,” he said. “Immigration is really a question of treating our hardworking tax payers fairly. We need to identify these people (who illegally cross the border) and deal with them in a way that’s compassionate and within the law. I want to work so people can become citizens of the United States, but in a way that protects your tax dollars,” he added. “We have to deal with the problem in a way that protects the taxpaying citizens. A bipartisan solution is needed and I’m a team builder.” – Columbus Dispatch, Jan. 26, 2008

And another quote from McCullough which has appeared in most of the state’s major newspapers:

“I believe the basic responsibility of government is to protect and provide security for all law-abiding citizens. It is clear that our nation’s borders are not secure, a failing of this basic responsibility.
Therefore, it should be the federal government’s immediate priority to secure our borders using a combination of traditional methods, more immigration agents, and the latest technology.” – Daily Journal, March 3,

McCullough has further made his strong position against illegal immigration known at numerous debates, speeches and candidate forums – some of which included Davis or his staff, making it impossible that Davis wouldn’t know McCullough’s strong position.

McCullough was asked directly about his position on illegal immigration by panelist Chris Brown at the Republican Party’s primary debate in Aberdeen on March 4 – a debate Greg Davis ducked.

“Until we seal the borders, we cannot begin the process of identification and deportation…No amnesty. I will not support amnesty…we can not provide amnesty to people who are here illegally.”
Glenn McCullough, from debate transcript 3/4/08

“Greg Davis’ latest nasty ad is totally untrue and he knows it.
Anyone who reads the quote he cites can see that Greg has distorted it 100 percent,” McCullough campaign manager Brad Davis (no relation) said. “It is possible that our state has never seen a political ad that is as false and wrong as this one is. It insults the people of Mississippi and he needs to take it off the air.”

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