McDaniel camp happy with Rasmussen poll results

Noel Fritch, aide to state Sen. Chris McDaniel, who faces Sen. Thad Cochran in the Republican primary, offers his take on the Rasmusen poll that came out Monday:

“For Chris to have 43 percent favorable among the general electorate and 54 percent among Republicans is great for someone who has never run statewide,” Fritch wrote in an email. “Cochran’s favorability is 69 percent among Republicans. And remember, favorability is not approval. Just ask Obama.

“It seems most notable that 42-year incumbent Cochran can’t get over 50 percent in a general election setting against an unknown Democrat challenger who lost his own congressional district by 14 percent. Cochran’s current tally barely surpasses the spread Nunellee dispatched Childers with. ”