Sojourner voicemail allegedly contradicts McDaniel statement

The Hill is reporting that “a GOP aide who has listened to the voicemail from Sojourner to Simms, McDaniel’s manager says she was made aware of the incident late Friday evening. She emphasized that their campaign was appalled, and that McDaniel himself was disgusted by Kelly’s actions and wanted to speak to Cochran directly to express his outrage.”

A GOP aide who has listened to the voicemail also confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger that Sojourner said that McDaniel “was upset about the whole thing and wanted to talk to Cochran” about it.

However, that does not match up with what McDaniel told The Hill in DeSoto County on Saturday morning when he said he knew nothing about the arrest at that time. It also seems to contradict what Noel Fritsch, McDaniel’s communications director, said early Saturday morning when contacted about the arrest. Fritsch said in a phone interview that he had not heard of the arrest.

Clarion Ledger