Chris McDaniel’s campaign coalitions director has announced that he is stepping away from politics for now.

Scott Brewster posted the announcement on his Facebook page early Monday morning, saying, “I know Chris will continue his fight for justice and I support him fully and will work day and night for him again, either in the near or distant future. However, at this point, my family and work obligations need me to return my focus to them.”

Brewster has been an active part of the McDaniel campaign from the beginning. He revealed in his announcement that this campaign wasn’t birthed within the past year; it has been in the works for quite some time – nearly two years.

Brewster wrote, “Chris McDaniel is a good friend of mine and I’ve worked daily for nearly 2 years trying to get him to the United States Senate.”

Brewster’s time on the campaign trail may be remembered best when he made headlines as part of the trio who went to the Hinds County Courthouse in the early hours of the morning following the June 3rd election and were locked inside. No charges were filed after an investigation by the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney.