Bauer’s ‘main thing’: GOP majority in Senate

But Gary Bauer of American Values says the most important thing for conservatives this November is to help to get a Republican majority in the Senate.

“And quite frankly it doesn’t matter if some of them are squishes, or if some of them are occasional disappointing,” he adds.

“There’s no better way to slow down – and in many cases stop – Barack Obama than to take the Senate away from Harry Reid,” Bauer states. “And it will be impossible to take control of the Senate away from Harry Reid if the Senate seat in Mississippi changes from Republican to Democrat.”

Bauer’s advice for Mississippi conservatives is to take time to “blow off some steam, pound the table, and get your anger out of the way” – and then work to keep the Senate seat in the Republican column in November.

“You can’t allow that seat to now go to the Democrats because doing so will punish yourself much more than it would punish the Republican establishment,” he advises.

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