Media reports couldn’t be farther apart on just how many attended Chris McDaniel’s home picnic over the weekend.

WDAM reported “dozens” while the Laurel Leader Call headline says “1,000.”

Based on the pictures floating around on social media, WDAM’s estimate seems closer to reality.

Here’s both stories:


WDAM: Chris McDaniel hosts campaign event at his Ellisville home

With one month to go until the June 3 Republican primary, Senate candidate Chris McDaniel Saturday held a campaign event on his home turf…literally.

McDaniel hosted dozens of supporters at an informal outdoor event at his home in Ellisville.



Laurel Leader Call: McDaniel picnic draws 1,000 month before primary elections

Chris McDaniel was in his own backyard Saturday welcoming supporters and well-wishers as the state senator hosted a picnic…

Laurel Leader Call