Senator Sojourner: Tornado responsible for delay of finance reports

Sen. Melanie Sojourner said Mother Nature played a part in her failure to file required financial disclosure statements.

But the senator also said she may have been targeted to make the situation appear worse than it is…

“I lost the overwhelming majority of my paperwork, bank statements, records, you name it,’ Sojourner said. ‘I even filed for an extension on my taxes for the first time ever, because I just don’t have a lot of that information.’ …

Sojourner said she felt as if she was being targeted because other legislators have told her they don’t file those reports or often submit partial ones. ‘I’ve been talking to people who say, ‘I’ve been here for years and never filled out one of those,’’ Sojourner said. ‘They’re doing whatever they can to target a few of us right now, but I can’t help what happened, and I’m going to go ahead and get it filed.’”

Natchez Democrat