RELEASE: McDaniel Offers Prayers to Mississippians in Wake of Disaster, Thanks Governor Bryant for Swift Response

State Senator Chris McDaniel offered prayers and words of hope and resilience to Mississippians affected by the disasterous weather that struck Mississippi Monday, and thanks to Governor Phil Bryant’s swift response in driving the state’s relief effort.

“We are heartbroken at the loss suffered by our fellow Mississippians, and we grieve and pray together with those who lost loved ones,” McDaniel said. “Yet despite life’s tragedies and heartbreaks, we know that Mississippians will overcome and stand strong with one another in faith and love as we move forward in the wake of the recent weather disaster.”

“Governor Bryant’s swift response, as well as that of those first-responders, is to be commended, and we will serve our fellow Mississippians in whatever manner needed as we recover together.”

McDaniel then called for Mississippians to join in the recovery process by volunteering and donating much needed supplies to those impacted by the severe weather.

“As you can, please join us in volunteering and getting involved helping those affected by the storm. The state of Missisisppi has a great place to get involved called Volunteer Mississippi which is a great place for to get started with the recovery process,” McDaniel said, referencing the state’s volunteer portal.