Excerpt from a letter from Chris McDaniel to supporters as sent out by the South MS Tea Party:

“As a loyal supporter, I want you to understand the current conflict and be prepared for the attacks that are coming. Personal, false, and distorted attacks will continue to be thrown in desperation, trying to distract and scare voters in order slow our momentum and hurt our cause. We have had 5 years of Chicago-style politics from the Obama administration, and Mississippians know better – and frankly deserve better – from those who seek office.
We have entered the final phase of our race and there are a host of distractions and distortions being laid out by our opponent.

“What you need to know

– My campaign had nothing to do with that video – period.
– Blogger’s attorney: “Clayton Kelly’s actions were NOT part of any conspiracy.”
– John Mary’s attorney: “My client has no connection with the McDaniel campaign.”
– District Attorney Michael Guest “doesn’t believe anyone with the McDaniel campaign is involved.”

“The Bottom-line

“I am appalled by that act, as are the people of Mississippi. That’s the bottom line, and that’s where it should end. But since Thad Cochran can’t run on ideas, solutions and an agenda for Mississippians, he’s going to try and keep this going. That’s fine. After 42 long years in the Senate, it’s unfortunate that Thad Cochran’s campaign is focusing on an awful blogger who did an awful thing. That should tell you something.

“My campaign is going to be about Mississippi and the problems facing Mississippians at the gas pump, the grocery store, when they get their pay checks, when they pay their health insurance, and how to put their kids through school. I am focused on real proposals and a positive agenda to ensure the people of Mississippi can continue to thrive and succeed.

“What you Need to Remember

– Thad Cochran is pushing this “scandal” because he doesn’t have solutions to Mississippians’ problems.
– Thad’s is making accusations because he doesn’t have solutions.
– Thad has a wild conspiracy theory because he’s never had an agenda for the American people.