McGlowan Momentum Grows with Fundraising
First quarter reporting completed, new fund raising generates $100,000 in cash and pledges for campaign.

Former Fox News political analyst and TEA Party speaker Angela McGlowan, the pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax, anti-wasteful government spending conservative who is a Mississippi Congressional candidate for District 1, is experiencing an increase in the momentum of her campaign with an excited electorate and her call for passage of Firearms Freedom Act in Mississippi.

Candidate McGlowan stated, “With the adjustments we have made in our campaign we are seeing a resurgence of interest and excitement. We have pushed back on the attempt to paint our campaign as anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment. In addition, we have begun to gain traction around our message of personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, a Constitutionally limited government and free markets.”

The McGlowan campaign is resonating with the electorate as she has begun to connect with voters who hear her speak, debate and meet with her personally. Through a concerted outreach and with a team committed to her success, McGlowan is seeing a substantial shift in momentum for her campaign. She is committed to winning this primary and challenging Travis Childers in the general election.

McGlowan further commented, “I intend to win the election for Congress to District 1 of Mississippi. My conservative credentials are evident to those who speak with me and know me through all of my efforts in this campaign. Mississippi is my home and my first love. I grew up here and came from humble beginnings. As I continue to connect with people, they realize my persona is more than the celebrity they have seen on TV. I believe in God and country and will make my best case to the voters of Mississippi. And in the remaining weeks to the primary, I will be working hard to earn the trust of my constituents and to overcome the many challengers in this race.”

Angela McGlowan Campaign Release