McGlowan: I Have An Advantage From Working In DC

Seeming to walk a political tightrope, Angela McGlowan said in an interview with Gulf Coast News that her experience working as a lobbyist in Washington is an asset that will benefit her constituents.

McGlowan contended that she knows how the legislative process works and already has connections in DC before being elected. This is similar to the successful argument made by Haley Barbour in 2003 when- as a candidate- he spun his lobbying past (which the Democrats had been using against him) in his favor by saying he can deliver on resources for the state from Washington.

The interesting piece to this story and the tightrope that I am speaking of is the fact that McGlowan has run a very anti-Washington, anti-political insider campaign so far blasting Nunnelee for being a ‘career politician.’ Now she is saying that her time inside the beltway is a benefit.

Majority in Miss.