Trump says ‘you’re hired’ to Biloxi

“I don’t know of any polling directly in Mississippi right now, but at the local cafes and other places I go to, he seems to be resonating quite well,” said Jackson attorney and former gubernatorial candidate Mitch Tyner, recently named chairman of Trump’s Mississippi campaign…

… State Sen. Chris McDaniel is Mississippi chairman for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’ presidential campaign. He believes Cruz will win out in the Magnolia State, but “at the same time, I love the courage Trump is displaying.”…

…Tyner supported McDaniel and led his legal team in his tea party-fueled challenge of McDaniel’s loss to incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in a 2014 GOP primary runoff. Tyner said there’s no ill will between him and McDaniel or the Trump and Cruz campaigns.

“With the tea party in Mississippi, I think most of them got on board with Cruz very early. I don’t know if that will change,” Tyner said. “But I’m rooting for a Trump-Cruz ticket, and I think they’re rooting for a Cruz-Trump ticket.”

Hattiesburg American