Gregg Harper for Congress

ep. Gregg Harper’s campaign for a third term has not drawn any significant opposition. Perhaps that in itself is an endorsement by the people of the Third Congressional District to re-elect the Republican for a third term.

Harper does have one challenger, Reform Party candidate John “Luke” Pannell. The Reform Party’s enduring impact on electoral history remains the election of former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton as President of the United States on the Democratic ticket in 1992.

Under the dynamic and eccentric leadership of its founder, Texas businessman Ross Perot, the Reform Party reached its zenith at its birth and within four years had diminished to minimal impact on the 1996 election.

Since then – except for the election of former wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura as Governor of Minnesota on the ticket – it has unraveled and degenerated into warring factions whose greatest successes seem to be simply appearing on the ballot.