MCJ – Hood’s electric company demagoguery

But more to the point of his e-mail, he also referenced his ongoing legal battle with Entergy Mississippi in which he alleges they overcharged customers.

Five independent audits since 2008, however, have concluded that Entergy’s practices and procedures regarding fuel and energy purchasing are sound and there have not been any improper charges to customers. These audits, commissioned by the Mississippi Public Service Commission, make Hood’s attacks look strictly like political demagoguery, perhaps encouraged by the private trial lawyers to which he awarded a no-bid contingency fee contract to engage in the lawsuit.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Energy’s EIA (Energy Information Administration) recently released an analysis of 2010 electricity prices for 160 operating companies which showed Entergy Mississippi’s residential electric rate for 2010 was the lowest in the South and was 28 percent below the U.S. average.

Mr. Hood should prosecute wrongdoers, including his campaign contributors, but he has failed to show any wrongdoing by Entergy Mississippi and, in fact, there is more and more evidence his allegations are flat wrong.

Madison County Journal