EDITORIAL/Hollywood Hood’s secret Gmail

It is doubtful many Mississippians care about Hood’s collusion with Hollywood corporate billionaires fighting Silicon Valley corporate billionaires. Although it might explain why Hollywood has become interested in Hood and given thousands of dollars to his re-election campaign.

We do find it disturbing that our taxpayer dollars – along with the time, resources and personnel of our Attorney General’s Office – are being used in this fight between corporate interests that have little to do with us.

In the recent settlement with BP from the 2010 oil spill, Hood paid his friend and predecessor Mike Moore about $3 million to lead the state’s case. He called that a bargain. But don’t we already pay Hood to do that job? Somehow his predecessor is able to do the work we hired Hood to do but charge us more than 30 times more to do it? Hood has always argued he needs to hire outside lawyers because he doesn’t have the staff necessary to handle the work load.

Perhaps if Hood focused his time and staff on the real work of fighting Mississippi crime and corruption instead of going after Google on behalf of Hollywood campaign contributors, we wouldn’t be paying other lawyers seven figures to do his job.

Madison County Journal Editorial