MCM: Karl Rove’s US Attorney for Utah, and Paul Minor

When BushCo fired David Iglesias, Carole Lam, John McKay and a few other principled
US Attorneys, the media made much of it (briefly)–while uttering not a peep about all
those US Attorneys who remained in place. Certainly those characters stayed on the job
because, unlike Iglesias et al., they did as Karl Rove ordered, working not as civil servants
but as party operatives, devoted to facilitating “victories” for the GOP.

We’ve heard of some of them: most infamously, Alice Martin and Leura Canary, who did
their bit, in Alabama, to nail Don Siegelman; and then there’s Dunn Lampton, who indicted
Paul Minor, Wes Teel and Oliver Diaz in Mississippi. Those three–all of whom are still
in place–have been the objects of (a little) press attention. But most of those who were
not sacked at Rove’s command have gone completely unexamined by the press (and so our
president just lets them do their thing).

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